KADICMA is a new innovative and patented disposable sanding disc developed by Flex Trim, based on many years of experience within brush sanding.

The abrasive is supported by a dense and rigid brush which generates a very efficient grinding of any edge or surface.

The combination between the brush and the abrasive ensure that you will see a uniform quality throughout the whole life of the KADICMA discs.

The KADICMA system can be made with a lot of different variations which makes the system very versatile, and you will get the best chance of finding the right combination for your products.

KADICMA is made with snaplock locking mechanism which means you can change the disc without the use of tools and in a matter of seconds.








Type:   Tampico
Available heights:   35mm, 45mm
Both straight or inclined track.  
Available grits: P60, P80, P100, P120, P150, P220
Weight (without adapter): 0,312 kg
Disc: Ø80, Ø125
Snap-Lock: Ø80, Ø125